From early on we count the days. Dad, how many sleeps to go until my birthday?, How many days in advance can I hang my sock for Christmas? And once we are grown up we say: 16 more days, then we go on vacation ...
But why?

Because we always want to look forward at something, something we want, a special event or treasured moment. Such moments you live forward to, you count the days.

DaysCountdown.com helps you counting the days and share it with friends.

How it started...

The idea started when three friends and I were planning a coast to coast trip through America of 4 weeks, but the time and anticipation was much longer for the holiday.

We created a WhatsApp group chat and soon we were counting down the days to embark on this adventure and shared the anticipation with each other.

Because I couldn't find an easy tool to simply count the days to a specific date I decided to create it myself. Thats how DagenAftellen.nl (Dutch) was created on January 9 2012.

Growth & Development

Meanwhile DagenAftellen.nl is visited more than 120.000 times a month and the Facebook page has over 2.600 likes.

DagenAftellen.nl and DaysCountdown.com are still in their simplest forms. There are enough ideas to make it even easier to share the anticipation to special events with friends.

If you have any ideas for DaysCountdown.com, pleas let us know, contact us!

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